Through A Man's Eyes

This is a ten session online-video workshop based off of the book Through a Man’s Eyes by Craig Gross & Shaunti Feldhahn. You will be taken on a tour of what life looks like for men, from the inside. We will discuss why men see life in certain ways and are known to be “visual”. We’ll discuss male brain wiring, emotional inputs, compulsions versus choices, how age differences matter, and how their makeup is ultimately created to be just as good and legitimate as those of women.


This series is for all women including wives, finance’s, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters etc. and will discuss the natural and appropriate responses from women on the visual nature of men. This is for women who want a better understanding of why their men are visually stimulated and what can be done to encourage them in the way they were created. This is also for the woman who wants to help shape her sons as they are being raised in a visually stimulating world. Are you a woman who is turned off by your man’s visual nature? Does your husband get on your nerves because he seems to be living in a visual prison? Written and led by best selling authors Shaunti Feldhahn (For Women Only) and Craig Gross author of 13 books and founder of this series is bound to give you a new understanding of the nature of men!


The course consists of ten video sessions that range between 10-25 minutes in length plus a audio copy of the book and the two best selling books For Women Only and For Men Only.

Topics discussed are: How men look at the world, and how they see it differently than women. How men’s brain’s are wired and why God wired them that way. How to have a clear understanding of this visual nature as a gift and not a hinderance. How to understand a man’s visual nature and actually encourage him in who he is.


  • Why men are so visual.
  • What men experience vs. what women experience.
  • The unseen process – where it all begins.
  • Internal outcomes of external attractions.
  • How different men have different draws (propensities).
  • Just because men look doesn’t mean they’re jerks.
  • Its not a free-pass: How honorable men turn their desires towards their mate and not give thoughts free reign.
  • How women should respond to the visual nature of men (this includes the wife’s response and the mom’s response).
  • How awareness can bring interaction that works with the visual nature of men rather than against.
  • How to end the conflict and bring about resolution in your dealings with your man now that you are informed.

This series includes the audio book version of Through a Man's Eyes plus the audio book for the best selling books For Women Only and For Men Only.


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