This 8 session online-video series is based off of the book with the same title and taught by it’s author Craig Gross who will discuss what being open looks like through honesty, accountability, going deeper and putting action steps that are effective in place. It’s time for each of us to become accountable. To experience the freedom, peace of mind, and overwhelming self-confidence that comes from living a life free of secrets and lies. This series will help you do just that.


This workshop is for anyone and everyone! Whether you have an area in your life undisclosed that you need accountability in OR whether you want to be an accountability partner, coach or mentor to anyone struggling in any area of their lives. This workshop gives a clear and proper understanding of accountability and what it should look like when put in place.


There are 8 video sessions that range between 10-25 minutes in length and a downloadable version of the book “Open” that comes with the course. There are 10 bonus sit down interviews with Craig Gross interviewing rock stars, authors, CEO’s and Sports Stars asking them some deep questions about accountability and being open. You will learn how to be Open in confidence, that accountability is a good thing and not a dirty word. How being Open keeps you safe and why it’s necessary.


  • Why accountability is good, is safety, is deep, is necessary.
  • Why you need honesty, courage and help.
  • How to get involved, get intimate in conversation(s) and how to be effective.
  • How do I even find someone to do this with me?
  • Where do we meet? What should we talk about? How do we get the discussions going?
  • Is it OK for my spouse or significant other to be my accountability partner?
  • Should my accountability partner be my age? My gender?
  • Why having an accountability partner whose views are slightly different than your own is beneficial.
  • A list of suggested / staple questions that you can tweak to suit your needs /situation.

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