Touchy Subjects

It's a touchscreen world. And it's full of touchy subjects. As parents, we must have a strategy to guide our kids safely into adulthood, teaching them how to interact with sex, technology, and social media. How to maintain healthy perspectives on all these touchy subjects, without getting distracted by their peers or our culture. What’s your approach, or do you even have one? Maybe your son or daughter is young and you don’t know when you should even broach these subjects. Maybe you’re too nervous or embarrassed to bring up some of these touchy subjects in the first place. Maybe you don’t even realize how important these topics are. Maybe you want to talk to your kids but just don’t know what to say. Sound appealing? Then this 10 part videos series and book is for you.

This series consists of 10 online-video sessions based off of the book of the same name by Craig Gross & David Dean. No longer does talking to your kids about sex have to be difficult.

These dads take you through conversations on sex, masturbation, relationships, culture, social media and so much more in ten video sessions that help you begin and have ongoing discussions with your kids on these touchy subjects. As parents we need to have a strategy to guide our kids safely into adulthood. Teaching them how to interact with sex, tech and social media in an internet saturated culture.


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